Friday, February 27, 2009


In light of my roommates all being gone and there being nothing on TV (Talledega Nights or Lord of the Rings, hmmmm......) here I am! And yesterday my sister Bethany pointed out that I needed to update this thing.

So here are some thoughts as of late:

"It is best for us to be like a tall tree." Kenyan proverb
I have an awesome little calendar, a valentine's present, as it were ;) that gives lovely little sayings for each day. This was the proverb for February 23rd. When you first read it it doesn't make a lot of sense. Are we supposed to be green? Bark-y? No! We need to be rooted and strong, healthy and beautiful.

Google reader stresses me out.
It seemed like a good idea, it really did. No more going from page to page. But now when I go to GReader...I see Lifehacker (379) and I just feel lame. There is no way I will get caught up. I may mark them as read and move on with my life...shhhh!

I still want to get a tattoo.
I went through this last semester and I kept talking myself out of it. Now my friend Jessie wants to get one and I am tagging along tommorrow. I may make one of my patented Priode impulse decisions. Stay tuned

I want a real job.
With regular hours and health benefits and a boss and everything everyone hates about a job...I want all that to hate! Okay who my age doesn't. I just thought I would put that out there that I am secretly, sometimes not-so-secretly terrified of graduating and having nothing for me to do. And I am very openly scared of staying in Knoxville. Get me out of here! Ahhhhh!!

I am learning to appreciate silence.
It used to scare the crap out of me, so I would talk and talk mindlessly to fill the silence. Although, I still can't sleep in complete silence because I swear I start hearing things. But it really is comforting to just sit and be quiet and read, or think or whatever.

It really makes me feel shallow to look back on things I used to hold as priority.
For a while, mainly my freshman and sophomore years of college I was really a weird kid. I didn't think so then, but looking back I can't believe how different I am now. I was in a sorority, had a pink and green bedroom and bought shoes and clothes I didn't need, or even wear. I have never been one to learn things the easy way, but I should have been myself the whole time instead of morphing into a pearl-wearing fake. I mean, I don't really even like pink, please!

I am so ready for spring and warm weather
So I can wear flip flops without my feet freezing and not carry a fleece around.

I know it is totally impractical, but I wish my apartment had a fire place.
That is all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

breathe in, breathe out...move on

Ah how so many Jimmy Buffett songs have perfect words for life.

Today I received a kick in the face, if you will, from life. Something I have done lately must have upset the balance of the universe and seriously stirred up some bad karma.

I could make a list of all my complaints from the day, but instead I am choosing to put this day in the books. It's almost over and behind me.

I honestly think one of my biggest problems is planning. When things I plan fall through or plans change I get totally thrown off. I really hate that in school and work settings I lose control so quickly and am always stressed. But outside of those environments I swear I feel so different. I really wish I could be more flexible and stress-free.

So here's to hoping tomorrow is better:)

"Your smile is an open window which tells people you are inside the house."
-Nigerian proverb

Monday, February 9, 2009

the yo's and wo's, highs and lows

Here is another display of my champion list-making skills:

wo's (first, to end on a happy note!)
  • Journalism 460. I knew I shouldn't have taken it. I knew I am sick of news. I think the fact that I am one of 2 sports reporters, and I have next to no interest in sports, makes me even more apathetic about the whole thing.
  • the fact that job searching is now a fairly constant worry in my mind. I think it is a stability/security thing.
  • I am spending Valentines Day at a swim meet. Meh.
  • The recurring error message on my computer. I am almost afraid to take it to get checked out, in fear of being without it for a long time. And having to re-do everything, which is slightly inconvenient.
  • My inability to say no. I hate the thought of disappointing people. I should attend a support group. "Hi I'm Melissa and I am an overcommiter."
  • Staying on top of my laundry pile. I have about 5 T-shirts I love to wear a lot: AFB. a blue UT Medical Center one, Stanford, Canada and Piggly Wiggly. When they are all dirty at the same time its a sad day.
  • island music that makes me happy and feel like I'm somewhere hot
  • my practicum at SACE. I am starting to work on a lightbulb switch project!
  • being paid for my glorified slave work at TVC
  • the warm weather today that allowed me to wear flip flops and not freeze my toes
  • being excited for Franti soon!
  • maybe hearing my email read on Diggnation this week?!? Maybe? Hope so!
  • reading Fast Food Nation. Although some parts about hamburgers probably should be considered a wo...
  • a month of school is already over!

Wisdom for February 8:
"Everything is life"
-Malawian proverb

Thursday, February 5, 2009

small victories

I have done a HUGE thing this week! Anyone who has seen me bust out my giant tan planner knows that I am completely crazy with that thing and I have all my appointments/assignments color coded.

I am officially retiring the giant planner!

I hated seeing all the blocks of ORANGE (aka: school things. Orange for UT!) and the few spots of white space. It was kind of disheartening to think of my life coming from a silly book. A tool that was supposed to make everything more manageable was making me crazy!

So Sunday Mollie and I went to Wal-Mart and I got a little, basic, black planner where I can write test dates and meetings and things like that. It's working out great! I do still use my google calendar-love it-but it's not really something I can carry around with me everywhere.

No more six colored pens in the front, no more depending on the tan book for life. I'm clean!