Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i love...

how looking at a snow-covered yard makes you want to be quiet. listening to this song while driving at night.  reading something that so perfectly applies to my life, like 1 Corinthians 7:17.  having tv marathons with my sister when I'm home. taking my shoes off at the end of the day and putting on comfy pants. when things finally start falling into place. crossing things off of lists. making something with my hands.  reading blogs...lots and lots of blogs.  getting rid of stuff. legal pads. vacuuming. eating too many baked goods. the smell of peanut butter as soon as you pull the seal off. following through. feeling heard. feeling like I accomplished something. wondering what the future holds.

I had a one of the most encouraging nights in awhile last night with a new Bible study group and I'm feeling very blessed today. Gotta love the little things

Monday, January 17, 2011

too much information?

One of my very best friends, Emma, blogs about how she always forgets to blog and I totally agree with her. It's hard to remember to post on here but then sometimes I just don't think I have anything intuitive to say.

Sometimes I wonder if this blog is what I like to call an "overshare" the kind of thing you read on Twitter or facebook and find yourself saying in your head "Why did this person think I needed to know this?"

Sometimes I wonder if it's purely narcissistic, and that it looks like I think my thoughts are so delightfully witty or strangely insightful that everyone ought to know them.

I'm kind of in a funk over this. It started after I read this article that my beautiful friend Erin posted. As I was reading, I began to feel more and more exposed. I mean, yeah I've cropped myself out of a picture before to use as a default.  It really is like our own magic mirror, except we can control the reflection that others see.

(the following contains a slight soapbox)
Here is something I don't quite see the need for on the FB:Relationship statuses. Unless you are married (which is seemingly permanent) what is the big deal with letting people know who you are in a relationship with? Because the worst part is when it's over...and your bidness is splayed all over the News Feed. Isn't this something you would rather deal with privately instead of oversharing all over the Internet? If, for personal reasons, you need Facebook confirmation that you are indeed In a Relationship with someone...maybe you shouldn't be in the first place? Just a thought.

I'm in a very question-y mood today. And I just sat here for 10 minutes before posting this trying to decide if it was worth it. Not a good day for decisions, apparently.