Thursday, December 18, 2008

what inspires me

things that have been inspirational to me as of late...

  • the James Taylor Christmas CD
  • Jamie Cullum
  • white christmas lights
  • driving home the long way down Ruggles Ferry
  • sunrises and being up early enough to see them
  • the rocking chairs on my front porch
  • travel books
  • jazz and candles
  • filling up calendars

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

frowns and crowns, yo's and wo's

So I am totally taking this from my good friend and favorite former and fantastic Young life leader miss Erin McCabe...

I have been in a number of different small groups over the years, whether it was through youth groups, Young Life, or leading my Campaigner groups and they were all very different. Different girls, different leaders-but this particular thing we always did, though it had different names each time. (I swear on my Halls team we called it something different every week). Yo's and crowns are good things and Wo's and frowns are bad things.

So here are my yo's and wo's as of late...

  • waiting until the last minute to do my christmas shopping and therefore, feeling stressed from trying to get it done in time
  • hearing waaaay too much country music over the weekend
  • feeling distanced from my closest friend
  • not knowing what to say when people ask me what I want to do with my life
  • not getting to run enough lately because of all the RAIN
  • I kind of wish we could just hang out at our house on Christmas instead of being shuffled from house to house
  • wishing I could just go ahead and graduate already
  • having fun with Josh in greeneville and my roommates in bristol this past weekend
  • playing Catch Phrase-I love that game
  • being silly with Bethany and doing random things together (like hiding the creepy baby)
  • looking forward to going to Nashville, seeing Transsiberian Orchestra, watching White Christmas and having Christmas Eve at our house
  • the fact that the web design and creative suite classes I want to take are offered during my class breaks! So I signed up for a bunch during january and february!
  • getting a Christmas card from my favorite family to babysit for
  • renewing my library books and having two more weeks to finish them
  • being introduced to peppermint ice cream