Wednesday, October 20, 2010

boom bothered

This is a pretty old website-viral-video craze, but Robert is Bothered helps describe the mood I am in today: BOTHERED.

Mostly just by by this 2-day long headache I have going on, combined with sneezing fits and itchy eyes. Womp womp.

And by this. It's sad. It always reminded me of something from the Great Gatsby. 

I have found that lately this Sugarland song makes me smile instantly and want to do my finger-point dance. And cut my hair short.

Monday, October 18, 2010

happy things

1. I understand that some people have an aversion to all things Christmas before Thanksgiving (Halloween?). I am not one of them. The month of December FLIES by and so does the day itself, so why limit it to one month? I was not feeling particulary chipper the other day after work, so I dropped by my neighborhood Hobby Lobby, did a lap through the Christmas section and BOOM ROASTED! Instant good mood. I might have bought some plaid ribbon, too.

The Priode family is also pretty well-stocked on Christmas cds, ranging from the Partidge family, Vince Guaraldi, the classic Mannheim Steamroller and my personal favorites: Appalachian Instrumentals and Christmas with the Rat Pack. I think we probably have around 30 cds which is way too much for just December.

Christmas is in 68 days. I can't wait to start making decorations and hopefully make some of these.

2. The Sufjan Stevens and Mumford and Sons concerts are right around the corner! They are within a 3-day span of each other, which is safe to say will be the hippest and whitest 3 days of my life.  If you have not heard of either of these, LEARN NOW...and listen to Little Lion Man. ASAP. Really loud.

3. Tonight I am attempting to make the most delicous looking pumpkin swirl brownies I think I have ever seen. Pretty happy that the weather is cooling down. Why? Because that means I can wear layers to conceal the fact that I will probably eat the entire batch tonight.

4. Still loving Crazylove. Please read it.

5. November 19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

sounds of silence

Woooo! 2 posts in one week. Maybe I'm getting back into this blogging business.

Here are some random thoughts that are tumbling around in my brain lately...

I am reading this awesome book called Crazylove, that was recommended to me by my Dad and my sister, Bethany. Simply put: it is awesome. I am only about 4 chapters in and I have already been shaken by a lot of what the author, Francis Chan, has to say. What I have read so far is about the lukewarm American churchgoer that fits God into their life as it is convenient for them. An minute here, a prayer there, continuing on with our much-more-important lives in disregard for the Creator who gave us everything. Chan makes a great point when he says that God is not humble. He KNOWS he deserves our attention and that he should be the center of our lives.

I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I fit that description to a T. I have my routine:

get up, rush to work, work all day, rush to Girl Scouts/church/dinner with friends/home to watch shows and hang out with my dog and roommate, look at piles of laundry to put away/books to read/crafts to make in my room, realize I have stayed up too late, crash into my bed, defeated...and repeat.

My quiet time and reading time are squished in between all of the above, as time permits. During the day, I have very little time where I am quiet and even less when I am still. I fill my driving time to and from work with podcasts and music. I can't even sleep in the quiet, I have to run a fan or some other form of white noise.

As a people, we fill silence with talking on cell phones, listening to Ipods, watching TV and the like and we fill our stillness with the need to text and email and be available to talk to ANYONE at ANYTIME. Our attention cannot be kept, we have to be constantly entertained and we generally "don't have the time" for anything. I am GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of this.

I want to feel like I have made time for something worthwhile during the day and I'm not just "getting through." My worrying and need to plan have both led me to doubt God's plan for my life. Why is it so hard for me to give up control even in these times when I need answers so badly.

This is an old hymn that I'm sure everyone has heard, or heard of. Listen again, and let yourself feel small.

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love. Here's my heart, O take and seal it. Seal it for thy courts above.

Monday, October 11, 2010

hello october

Well to state the obvious, it's already October! I love the fall! I especially am enjoying this one because last year I didn't get a fall, but 2 winters instead. I have been parking further away from work and getting a nice little walk in while it's still chilly outside.

It's so trite so say, but I feel like this year has positively zipped by. Before I know it October 30th will be here and and won't have done any of the fun fall crafts I want to complete, or gone to a corn maze or carved a pumpkin. Not sure where my time seems to be going lately.

I'm very pleased with how Girl Scouts is going so far! I have 4 little Brownies who are so much fun. We have already completed one Try-It and have 3 more in progress! I love that I have something I can pour into and plan for and see results from.

I have been feeling pretty antsy about a lot of things lately, the main one being the constant wonder of what I am supposed to be doing with my life. It's hard not to feel like I'm wasting my time when I have a proverbial list of things I WANT to be doing, but am in a completely different situation instead. Sometimes I feel like I just missed my calling and that's why I'm stuck in this place of  indecision, uncertainty and unrest.

Big questions with no answers. That's been the summary of these past couple months.