Thursday, April 17, 2008

what a beautiful buzz

You can tell a lot about a person by the songs they sing. For example, you can tell that I grew up listening to the same stuff as my dad. The most recently played songs on my I-tunes might help tell the story better...

(in random order)

1. Fishin' in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Hmmm, not a huge fan of country. This one might be hard to explain. Except that it is used for background music in nearly every country-themed game played in Young Life. And it is quite catchy.

2. Summer Nights from the Grease soundtrack
I mean, I like musicals. And I also happen to like the younger John Travolta. So sue me.

3. Sexy Plexi by Jack Johnson
I've never really looked into the context of this song as far as "plexi" goes. I've never really noticed anything especially alluring about plexiglass. I love the album this song is from though.

4. Wheel in the Sky by Journey
Yes I know other Journey songs besides Don't Stop Believing.

5. Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh
Hahaha, this is on my Itunes? Oops...

6. Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show
I swear this songs sticks in your head all day long after you hear it

7. Rhythm of the Night by De Barge
Soooooo B97.5!!!

8. I Just Want to Celebrate by Rare Earth
Makes me want to get up and daaaannnnceeee!

9. Conga by Gloria Estefan
Makes me feel like I am 9 years old and dancing around the living room again

10. We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
My FAVORITE wake-up song everrrrr! And yes I know all the words. JFK...blown away...what else do I have to say???!!!??

11. Take a Chance on Me by ABBA
I just love how 1970s this is. And I love that this song was used in an episode of The Office.

12. Hey Katie by Josh Kelley
The clapping and cute words are my favorite! Hey Katie! You really look great tonight!

13. Loving Cup by the Rolling Stones
I am so obsessed with this song. And Keith Richards. Who really cares how old he is?

14. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
I am also kind of obsessed with Jack White currently. Can't explain it actually. Maybe it's the bad boy thing he's got going on?

15. Carry that Weight by the Beatles
Every kid is required to go through a Beatles phase in their life.

16. Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan
Make fun of me because I like Steely Dan, go ahead.

17. Slow Dance by John Legend
Oh wowwwww, i just looooovve his voice!! And the fact that he is now in Target commercials.

18. Barefoot Children by Jimmy Buffett
I am a Parrothead through and through and this song has one of my favorite lines EVER! "Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been..." yep, never getting Botox.

19. Nightingale by Norah Jones
Caution: do not listen to while attempting to read. It always mellows me out and makes me very very sleepy!

20. Ain't No Sunshine by Otis Redding
I love his soulful, bluesy voice. Makes me want to drink coffee.

21. Ain't Misbehavin by Nat King Cole Trio
I LOVE jazz and big band! It makes me think of flippy dresses and flappers and cute little hats! Oh the 1920s!!

22. Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
I'll take you right into the DANGER ZONE!
"We were communicating, you know? Giving him the finger?"

23. Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers
Great band. And not just because they wrote a song about me!

24. You Can't Hurry Love by Phil Collins
Oh how true. Such wise words.

25. The Wandererer by Marc Broussard
I freakin love this guy!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

home stretch

Last week were my last two exams before finals, and aside from a paper due on Thursday, this semester is almost over folks!

Well I will be in summer school until July 3 so THEN it will be over. Or at least until August. When classes resume for the fall. Again.

The past few weeks have been a blur of my friends that are graduating next month as they rush to find a all makes me worry about next year. I am doing the best I can to get myself ready for this time next year.

I am planning on becoming a computer geek this summer, but it's ok because I am already a book nerd-so why not keep the trend going?

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the whole "new media" term and all the innovative things that a job in the Web can do. It's all kind of appealing because of job security and the fact that the people with jobs now won't know all the new stuff.

I figure it's my own fault if I don't know what's going on with computers and stuff now because I have had plenty of time to get prepared.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

stones are here to stay

Anybody interested in going to see the Scorcese Rolling Stones movie? Yeah! Go see it! I got to see a sneak preview of the show last night and it is really great!