Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the meaning of life.

I got a postcard in the mail today from my mom and i t made me laugh a lot. This is what it said:

Meaning of life:
1. Weather is here, wish you were beautiful
2. The hokey pokey is all it really is about
3. Cheese (with a line drawn through burgers...because I don't eat them) in Paradise.

Love, Mom

If you know me you will know why this postcard made me so happy:)
(and major points if you know the significance of these statements)

Also pretty happy that it is almost Friday, meaning=end of classes! Hooray!

Monday, April 20, 2009

one. more. week.

Oh dear. It's the last week of school, which somehow means I have more to do than I have all semester.

I got myself roped into doing 2 stories for the last show this Friday, which is a bit of a worry. Don't really understand how that one happened. Lots of running around interviewing people and last minute editing ensues. Ahhhhhh, nice.

I also have lots of advising/financial aid/registration things to do this week regarding the semester abroad. Also trying to find a flight and understand the visa-getting process. Oh goodness.

And an oral exam in Spanish on Wednesday, various meetings, a portfolio for my practicum due and babysitting. The last thing I don't mind though!

So instead of getting a move on, I am sitting here listening to my Ipod and writing about it! And maybe watching a movie with my roommate Mollie tonight...

Friday, April 10, 2009

miss sunshine

So hopefully it is finally getting warmer! Or at least it's getting closer...

I will admit that I used to get extremely concerned about having a suntan in the summer. Actually make that about 4 summers. If you have ever seen my UT ID photo it would make sense. I was a lifeguard for 4 years which also overlapped my job as a summer league swim coach. I sometimes was out in the sun from 8 am until 9 pm and the first thing on my mind was not skin cancer!

I will say that I have never been a fan of tanning beds-they gross me out to the nth degree. Sweaty people all laying on the same thanks. So I have that going for me! But I do have a family history of skin cancer on both sides of my family. And more recently, my dad has had skin cancer removed on two occasions. This has been a little alarm going off in my head reminding me that I hate needles and do not want any scars!

So all this to say I have been trying to take better care of my skin than I did my first 20 years! And I have done much better with the exception of getting burned on a cruise last spring. It seems silly to me now that I put myself in danger just to have a suntan. If ever I wish I was nice and tan, I think about people you might see on a magazine that are fair-skinned and fabulous-like Reese Witherspoon! She is beautiful with her white-ness and I love it!

so put on your spf 3o because being all bronzey isn't worth it:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the sound of the drum depends on the drummer

Today has been a pretty blah day. Not bad, just blah. It is the weirdest weather for April which I think it the contributing factor. My story for UT Today fell through at the last minute, which in itself isn't that awful, I just don't like knowing I couldn't get it done.

And for whatever reason I still can't seem to sleep! That could be another reason for the blah-ness.

In other news, I have discovered that I absolutely destroy toothbrushes. Random, eh? But seriously, I will start brushing my teeth and then start making my bed, checking my email, watching the weather, making coffee, ironing pants....and just chew on my toothbrush. I tear up toothbrushes, its a problem.

I am also a little upset about the cold keeping me from planting my scarlet begonia Josh and I found at the farmers market! I am very excited to be able to take care of something, because there is no way I have time or patience for a pet.

And I am still having a super hard time making important decisions, which are my most un-favorite things ever. Also could be the reason I can't sleep!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

from under my lone palm

Let me just open by saying that I am a pretty big fan of bedtime this semester. It really comes in waves, because last semester I was basically a machine and could run all day on 5 hours and coffee.

These days, I am loving winding down, reading and going to bed at 10:30. Except that this week my body decided it was going to have insomnia. I find myself lying down, feeling tired...but my mind cannot stop thinking about all the things I need to be doing. I had to get up last night and make a list of everything I needed to do just to ease my mind.

And when I do get to sleep, I sleep in 3 hour increments...and I am wide awake again!

Which is the only reason I am still awake to be writing this. Thanks body clock, if I finish tomorrow's homework can I go to bed?