Thursday, February 9, 2012

thursday things

1. FINE. I  am a blogging delinquent.
I apologize. I could blame it on the craptastic Internet I have in my apartment or I could just own it. I promise to be the 5 people who read my mostly-scattered thoughts.

2. Apparently cutting my hair is the only thing worth talking about, but I have done a few other interesting/fun/maybe only fun to me things since then. Which I will now list, in random order of importance. 

3. I have been given way more opportunities to write, which is awesome and has kept me very occupied. I am working on two bigger stories that I am excited about seeing unfold. 

4. After scaling back my daily coffee consumption by half (I don't want to say how much is half. A little ridiculous) and experiencing two weeks of intense headaches, I am proud to say I am over the hump of caffeine withdrawal. 

5. I took the online test to be a Jeopardy contestant. I love trivia. I am so weird. It made sense. Stay tuned. 

6. One friend moved away and one friend is moving back. Emma, my lovely Canadian, is now laughing at all of us still in the throes of winter from her apartment in summery Brisbane, Australia. Way to take on for the team, Em. On the flip side, however, is my lovely friend Stephanie moving back to the motherland from NC! It’s about dang time, is all I have to say. 

7. And speaking of friends I made in college, I got to visit my roommmate from freshman year in Hess Hall, Taylor, a few weekends ago in Atlanta! She has been working there right around two years and I hadn’t gotten to see her face since Sept. 2010. TOO. LONG. We had a great time reminiscing our days as 18-year-old roommates and wondering where our twenty-something selves will be in the future. 

8. The Fellowship and friends are headed up to the mountains for the weekend, which I could not be more excited about. 

9. Actually, I might be more excited about these little pieces of heaven I’m making on Saturday. Oh, excuse me while I wipe slobber off my keyboard.

10. I would like this bout of cold weather to produce some snow, and then it can get warmish like last week. Was it not just so beautiful that you wanted to eat it?