Friday, June 13, 2008

if you really knew me

you would know that...

I am afraid of the dark and I sleep with a nightlight. Go ahead and laugh.
I collect soap from hotels.
I am a huge Parrothead.
I am also scared of horses.
I know all the words to We Didn't Start The Fire.
I want to be Tina Fey when I "grow up"."
I hate cats.
I love the way Pine trees smell.
Taps always makes me cry.
I hate having long fingernails.
I went to drum corps competitions when I was a kid with my parents.
I played trumpet in middle school.
I went to Girl's State before my senior year and ran for Supreme Court.
I love camping. There is nothing like falling asleep on a cold night in a sleeping bag and waking up with the dew.
I hate onions and I have a weird fear of them touching my food or accidentally eating them.
If I could live in any decade it would be pre-Civil War 1860's or the Roaring 20s.
I love big band music because it reminds me of my granddaddy.
I do NOT enjoy flights and I also found out that cruise ships make me sick...the hard way.
The phrase "pet peeve" really, well, peeves me.
I never watched Saved by the Bell growing up. And I do not watch the reruns now.
My first sentence was "hey vern, know what I mean?"
I really didn't do the whole boy band thing and would probably mix up the names of Nsync and Backstreet Boys.
Tunnels make me nervous for some reason.
I eat uncooked spaghetti, frozen peas and plain tortillas,
I love love seafood, there's not much I won't try.
If I do not write things down I will most definitley forget.
I always spell the word definitley wrong.
Running is my high.
Running on the beach is even better.
I climbed Mt LeConte all by myself in 2006, which I know now was probably not a good idea. To go by myself, that is.
I passed out when getting my ears pierced at age 13.
I have had some form of glasses or contacts since 3rd grade.
I have also had braces and a cast, yep, I'm one of those kids.
I have broken my left foot twice.
I love to vacuum and dust. Cleaning is a a stress reliever for me.
My favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland.
I have never shot fireworks. Only sparklers, and I burned myself.
I never had more than like 10 channels on tv growing up, which is why I read so much.
I want to collect tea pots when I have a place to put them.
When I get old, I am completely wearing my glasses on a chain.