Monday, March 28, 2011

good things

Just because I am so overly confident about my musical tastes (elitist? Nahhhh), I feel the need to shed a little light on a Knoxville band that you need to listen to today.

The Dirty Guv'nahs.
As an educated, talented and charismatic group of rock and roll performers, they pretty much shatter any outsiders' views of Tennesseans. (ie: we don't wear shoes, we can't form sentences without using ain't and yens...that sort of thing). The Guvs are a ridiculously great southern rock band, talented way beyond their years, that formed out of random circumstances 5 years ago.

The Guvs are made up of 6 dedicated southern gentlemen who genuinely love what they are doing. And it shows. Check out their website and get to to their next concert to see for yourself!

And while you are downloading their latest album, Youth is in Our Blood, from Itunes-you should watch the videos for Baby We Were Young and We'll Be the Light

Bottom line: if you hate good music, don't listen to them. 

Lastly, If you are a Tennessee sports fan of any kind, I don't know how you could have made it through the past few years without seeing this...but just in case, you should probably check this out.

You're welcome in advance.

Friday, March 25, 2011

frittering away my Friday

I have been noticing a pattern in all of my favorite actors and TV characters:  they are all adorable funnymen. 
Tell me you don't just love...

john krasinski, aka jim halpert
josh radnor, aka ted mosby
adam scott, aka ben wyatt
rob lowe, aka chris
jimmy fallon

joel mchale, aka jeff winger

jason bateman, aka michael bluth
ok, seth and scott aren't  tv characters,
but listen to denouncing november blues and tell me they aren't hilarious

pictures all found by googling actors' names

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

right now

i am...

::watching this month absolutely fly by. Where is the time going?!

::loving the warmer weather and being able to NOT wear socks. I hate socks

::wanting to go on an overnight hiking trip or a daylong kayaking trip. My feet are starting to get the usual itch to GOOOOOOOO!

::reading  Little Bee, a story about a Nigerian refugee in the UK. It's incredibly moving. Also working on finishing Friday Night Lights and don't waste your life

::preparing for my second half marathon on April 3. I'm a bit nervous about this one because I remember how much pain I was in after the last. Hopefully the joints are toughened up! Stay tuned...

::learning  how to accomplish the most out of every hour. I mostly get to practice this on Monday nights at Girl Scout meetings, where I find myself zooming through my planned activities and not observing the tender innocence of the girls in my troop. They are only 8 years old, but they keep me real.

::waiting on May 24 to get here! Big things are going down. Times are a changin'

::enjoying some delicious (and expensiveeeee) Fresh Market Georgia Pecan coffee. It was a treat to myself for not being late last week. It's the small victories people.

::surprising myself by getting through my first Girl Scout cookie sale with only one minor meltdown. Progress!

::feeling calmer and more "directed" than I have in a long time. My life plans mean nothing...why should I stress myself out when they don't go as I'd hoped?

::hoping I'm not the weird and old outcast when I begin my new endeavor this August...details later!

::planning a magnificent Knoxville-DC-New York trip that Bethany and I are taking when she finishes finals in May! New York on my 24th birthday?! Maybe!

::listening to the things my dreams have been telling me lately. I have never been one to analyze dreams, but with some of the ones I've had lately-there has to be something there.

::searching for scriptural confirmation for each decision I make

::finding that even though I would rather not, it's okay to ask for help.

Monday, March 21, 2011

just a hint of sarcasm

What's the saying about being treating others the way you would like to be treated? Oh yeah, that you should TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.

Oh, that one. Someone once thought it was important enough to be called "Golden." Imagine that.

Now I have bad days just like anyone else, but when they come 3 or 4 times a week, that bad mood could just be categorized under "being rude to others" or "thinking everyone else is incompetent and unimportant." In my experience, it seems like you get more accomplished when you are polite to people. BONUS! You are also more likely to receive help. 

Call me crazy. It's nice to be important. But it's more important to be nice.

Monday, March 14, 2011

i need a vacation.

So this is spring break for Knox County and UT students. I'm experiencing some serious envy via Facebook and Twitter for those who are somewhere exotic this week.

Heck, it doesn't even have to be exotic, just somewhere that is not here.

Whine whine whine. I just want to be warm. I'm pretending I'm here...

Breathe in, breathe out, move on. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hello spring

Hello friends!

I don't know how many people agree with me, but I am more than ready to put this winter in the books. The excess of snow and rain, the crazy drivers, biting cold wind and the whole getting dark at 5pm thing...SO ready for them to be over. I normally like a cooldown after the brutal Tennessee summer humidity, but this one took a lot out of me.

It's Just a gross time of year, all gray and dead looking. This winter convinced me that I have that "Seasonal Affective Disorder"...but at times I am also convinced I have Restless Leg Syndrome. Ah, and I digress.

But finally! The promise of spring is right around the corner, the hours of sunshine are increasing and a new season brings a renewed sense of motivation and purpose.

I have been listening to this song by the Avett Brothers a LOT lately. It's just plain good. The harmonies, the words, the meaning...everything.

the weight of lies.

Disappear from you hometown
Go and find the people that you know
Show them all you good parts
Leave town when bad ones start to show

Go and wed a woman
A pretty girl that you’ve never met
Make sure she knows you love her well
But don’t make any other promises

The weight of lies will bring you down
And follow you to every town
Cause nothing happens here that doesn’t happen there
So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from
Cause lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere

I once heard the worse thing
A man could do is draw a hungry crowd
Tell everyone his name, pride, and confidence
But leaving out his doubt

I’m not sure I bought those words
When I was young I knew most everything
These words have never met so much to anyone
As they now mean to me

The weight of lies will bring you down
And follow you to every town
Cause nothing happens here that doesn’t happen there
So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from
Cause lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you down

great version of this song here
and here is a cover by Seth Avett I have been obsessed with lately.