Sunday, May 6, 2012

attention: this is NOT ice cream

I was feeling fancy today on my grocery-shopping afternoon, so I drove past my usual Broadway Fellini Kroger and to the Nike-shorts-and-visor-wearing-soccer-mom Bearden variety instead.

I wandered into the natural and organic food section and found some dairy-free Cherry Amaretto Coconut Frozen Dessert.

It is disguised as ice cream, but is in fact not ice cream at all so I can eat it, which is good...because I just ate a whole pint of that delicious poser ice cream stuff.

It is hot as a fire outside.

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taylortales said...

I like that you have a name for that Kroger...and that it's quite well-known for that name! (nice article link!)

I usually go to 'Hot Publix' in Buckhead. It's called that because most of the customers are young professionals and very good looking. Definitely have to be dressed up for that!

Eating a whole pint of ice cream...reminds me of our freshman college days! Good things you chose the poser kind now. We'd be HUGE if not!