Monday, November 8, 2010

free hour!

In honor of having an extra hour yesterday, Mollie and I set out to hike the Catalooche Divide in Waynesville, NC. After some tricky directions and a turnaround (only to find out we had been about 50 feet from our destination) we tackled the SNOW covered trail. One thing I love SO MUCH is having a cold face and yesterday was perfect for that!  (Weird? NO. It makes me think or early morning running, skiing and camping!) There was probably 2-3 inches of snow covering the trees, fences and most of the trail. It was absolutely gorgeous and put me in the best mood! After about an hour and a half, we found a clearing with no snow where we sat and ate lunch and miiiiggght have taken a little nap. The sun was so warm on our faces it was impossible not to doze off! I had never hiked this trail before but I definitely recommend it! 

Here are some pictures of our day...
If Knoxville gets none, I have already seen my snow:)

Our lunch and nap spot!

Catalooche Valley



Thanks, self-timer!  
If I had that extra hour every day I would...
*Sit down to have coffee, instead of trying to drink it while blow drying my hair
*Read a few chapters from one of the 6 books I have stacked next to my bed.
*Hang out with my little seester!
*Make a birthday card instead of buying one. 
*Watch some Mad Men!
*Go for a walk or run! I have no excuse since it's an extra hour! HA
*Go to Barnes and Noble and get lost in the Biography section
*Wander through the downtown library and find some good (free!) books
*Listen to the 98 podcasts I currently have in my Itunes. Yeesh
*Finally look back through the pages I have dogeared in my Real Simple and Martha Stewart magazines
*Make something sweet. Maybe this spiced applesauce cake?!
*Skype with Emma! My Canadian best friend!
*Upload and order prints of my Australia pictures...finally

Clearly the free hour deal comes but only once a year, soooo I guess this list will wait for the next free Saturday I have :)